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Smithville Lake
Over a million visitors come to Smithville Lake each year. It offers 7,000 acres of hunting ground, of which 4,500 are in Clinton County. Some of the Army Corps land is rented for agricultural growth. Of the 170 miles of shore line 85 miles are in Clinton County. Known for being the Nature Reserve side, no water skiing is allowed. We offer 15 access points all of them for free.
Honker Cove Waterfowl Refuge
Located in the City of Trimble off 208th street, although it is open to the public there is a season it is closed – October 15 to January 31. Many species of duck and geese winter there. Around the lake are American Eagles who nest annually. Depending on the migration season you never know what type of bird you may see.

Bill Graham/Missouri Department of Conservation
Eagle Days
Bring your binoculars for spotting bald eagles and snowy owls. Visit Website 
Hartell Conservation Area
Catch and release conservation area educational classes
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Wallace State Park
6-acre lake with 4 scenic trails and 70 campsites with White oak, black oak and northern red oak trees can be found on the ridgetops, with an understory of sumac, dogwood and redbud. Has meticulously kept facilities, Wallace State Park is a must-see when traveling through Clinton County.
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Trice-Dedman Memorial Woods
60 acre reserve of old-growth white oak. Owned by the Nature Conservatory.
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Missouri Department of Conservation
McGee Family Conservation Area
Providing hunting, fishing and hiking opportunities in northwest Missouri. Also available for birdwatching, bicycling, fishing, hiking, horseback ridding, hunting and outdoor photography. The almost 1,000-acre upland area is south of Plattsburg and can be accessed off Route C or County Road 240. In the area’s northeast corner there is frontage on both sides of the Little Platte River. Contact info 816-675-2205 for rules and regulations.