Information for Crime Victims

I’ve been the victim of a crime. What do I do now?
The first thing you need to do is report the incident to the police department of the city in which you live, or, if you do not live within a city, to the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department. Here are phone numbers for the law enforcement agencies located within Clinton County:

Clinton County Sheriff’s Department: 816.539.2156
Cameron Police Department: 816.632.3521
Gower Police Department: 816.424.3077
Holt Police Department: 816.320.3909
Lathrop Police Department: 816.528.6550
Plattsburg Police Department: 816.539.2148
Trimble Police Department: 816.357.2397

After you have made a report, law enforcement will investigate and send a report to the Prosecutor’s Office, where it will be determined if there is enough evidence to move forward with a criminal prosecution.

I own a business, and have a bad check from a customer. Can you help?
Yes, we can. Please see our bad check page for more info.

What are my rights as a crime victim?
The Missouri constitution and state law provides crime victims with many rights, including the following: information about the status of the case, availability of crime victim compensation, to be present and informed of certain court proceedings, to reasonable protection from the defendant, and to submit a written statement or make an appearance to the court prior to the acceptance of a plea bargain.

You are free to contact our office at any time to discuss the case and/or any of the above rights.

How can I let you know how this crime has affected me?
Please complete a Victim Impact Statement to let us know the affect this crime has had on you, including any financial or physical harm caused. This statement is the basis for any restitution our office can try to collect on your behalf. Please complete it in full and return it to our office, along with any receipts or documentation that support your claim. If your case involves physical injury, we may also need you to complete a medical records release and return it to us.

I have incurred financial harm as a result of a crime. Can you help me get paid back?
It depends on the case, but usually we can. Our office helps collect restitution on behalf of crime victims, and often payment of restitution in full is a condition of probation for criminal defendants. Let us know the amount of restitution by filling out a Victim Impact Statement.

In other cases where you have suffered financial harm from physical injuries, you may be entitled to an award from the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund. Find out more about that program here.

You may have other options to collect from the defendant through the civil justice system. For that, you need to contact the lawyer of your choice.

Who do I contact regarding past due child support?
All child support cases in Clinton County are handled by Micha Dixon, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. She can be reached at 816.583.2758. The Plattsburg office does not handle child support cases.

Victim Impact Statement
Application for Crime Victim Compensation Fund