Bad Check Cases

The Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office helps local businesses and merchants reduce their bad check losses by prosecuting bad check writers and collecting restitution for the victims. If someone has written you a bad check, you can start the process by completing this form and mailing to our office. If you have questions, you can contact us at 816.539.3711.

To help reduce your losses due losses due to bad checks, we have created a notice to display at your place of business. It is important to display it prominently where check writers will see it, such as at the cash register. To assist our office in prosecuting your bad check cases, we also recommend your business adopts the following policies:

  • For all check writers, obtain (a) date of birth AND (b) either social security number or driver’s license number.
  • Ask to see a valid Missouri Driver’s License for all check writers.
  • Do not accept two party checks, post-dated checks, or out-of-state checks.
  • Once the check is sent to our office, DO NOT accept payment from the check writer.

If the check is forged, the process is a little different. In those instances, you need to contact the police department in your city (or, if not in a city, contact the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department) to initiate an investigation.

To initiate a prosecution, please complete our bad check form fully and completely, and return to our office. Please note the following requirements:

  • If you cannot supply us with the check writer’s date of birth, we cannot prosecute.
  • If you cannot supply us with a social security number OR a driver’s license number, we cannot prosecute.
  • If the check writer cannot be identified – either by security video or by the person accepting the check – we cannot prosecute.
  • If the check has not been ran through a bank and declined payment, we cannot prosecute.
  • If the check is postdated or a two-party check, we cannot prosecute.

Notice to Check Writers