1. Location! Location! Location!
    • As close as 30 minutes to Kansas City and St. Joseph
    • Excellent highway transportation network
    • KCI Airport as close as 20 minutes away
    • Smithville Lake extends into Clinton County
  2. We have an educated, available workforce!
    • 90.4% of our workforce has a high school diploma
    • 23.8% has earned a college degree
    • 64.5% of these residents are commuting 20 minutes or more every day. They would love to work closer to home!
  3. You will find a great location!
    • Comprehensive Plans have identified potential commercial growth areas
    • The County and its Communities have plans in place
    • Enhanced Enterprise Zone is in place
  4. You will get more for your money!
    • Real Estate costs are reasonable
    • Real and Personal Property taxes are reasonable
    • Utility costs are some of the lowest in the nation
    • Cost of living is affordable
  5. Local banks want to invest in you!
    • Local banks are eager to invest locally
    • They are proficient in working with state and federal agencies, the USDA and SBA
    • They’re just a really great bunch to work with
  6. Find the Quality of Life you’re looking for!
    • Small communities that help one another
    • Excellent schools with outstanding graduation & performance rates
    • Churches, organizations, and civic clubs
    • Existing businesses and services meet your day-to-day needs
  7. We’re a creative, wholesome group!
    • We have survived and thrived through the close of the railroad, our major industries, gas crisis, and economic downturns
    • We are inventive and seek out opportunities to practice our professions and be self-sustaining
    • We work hard and are thankful for the things we have
  8. Emergency Services are up to date!
    • Clinton County is part of the only interoperable Phase 2 compliant 911 system in the state
    • Award winning Local Emergency Planning Committee, and professional Emergency Management Agency
    • Four full time responding ambulance districts and well trained Fire Districts
  9. Diverse opportunities await you!
    • Diverse industries have found success in Clinton County:
    • Niche Agriculture, Manufacturing & Construction
    • Service Industries, Retail, Tourism & Internet Enterprises
  10. We want and NEED you here!
    • Currently, our tax burden falls primarily on the consumer
    • Our schools are locally funded primarily by its residents
    • We want to work closer to home
    • We want to spend our income closer to home