Population: 447
Anchoring the Southeast corner of the county with I-35 frontage is the city of Holt. With a population of 479, the city shares some of its population with Clay County. Residing in the Kearney School District and the Kearney-Holt Recreation District, many of today’s families connect southward, but its history and culture is shared greatly with Lathrop. Holt is also home to a private Christian school, Northern Hills Christian Academy, which in 2012 will offer full K-12 academic and extra-curricular opportunities.

The Southeast corner of the county has experienced the most significant growth in the past two decades, with high quality and exclusive subdivisions being developed. Holt boasts of a fully staffed full time Fire and Emergency Response Department to meet the needs of residents. Unusual for the size of its community, the Holt Fire & Rescue gives area residents a sense of security in knowing their emergency needs are a high priority

With a well-maintained City Park, local bank branch, 24-hour convenience stores, farm supply store and active churches, the convenience of I-35 makes Holt a great potential candidate for relocating.